Monday, March 29, 2010

Kristine the Heffa

I skyped with my friend Kristine tonight. i miss her:)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Manny the Hippo

I've taken up a new pastime.

Drawing Hippos.

It all started a few weeks ago during english class. For some reason I was really in the mood to draw that day so I asked my friend Shyler who sits behind me what I should draw. She told me to draw a picture of her holding a hippo.
I failed.
I tried to instead draw a picture of her with a hippo on her shirt, but the hippo ended up resembling something closer to a lousy attempt at a frog. It made me reminisce about the days that I actually took art lessons. (Which . . . how can I think about art class without remembering The Hedgehog!? hahaha) I guess I shouldn't admit that I actually took art lessons once upon a time seeing as my drawing turned out less than stellar. =]
Although it's not much, it took me most of the class period to draw. (Of course since I was also paying very close attention to my English teacher lecture on the difference between MLA and APA writing formats. :D)
Here's the first attempt. Sorry about all the smudges. . . I'm a lefty!

Since my hippo turned out to be so pathetic, I decided that it was something I should work on. That night, I had some free time (actually i just needed a break from homework!) so i googled some hippo drawings and set to work!

Here's my first REAL attempt. Definitely much better than the one above, but i still had some definite work to do.

Over the last few weeks during allll of my excessive amounts of free time (haha) I doodled hippos on a good majority of my class work or whatever papers are sitting around. I've specialized on a certain hippo that I have now named Manny. Isn't he adorable?! :)

This is what my hand looked like after I completed the first one. Isn't being left-handed, just wonderful?!

I'm not really sure why drawing hippos brings me so much pleasure. But it think it's fun! (Not to mention it helps me relieve stress =) Haha)
Simple as that :)