Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fourth of July-Eve.

When I was about 15, my family came to Utah for the 4th and I saw all of the tents lined up the sides of University Avenue and I thought, "That is so cool! When I'm in college I want to do that!!!!" 

So, just a few days ago,
I finally did :)

We didn't camp out for the parade really. 
(I mean....I missed almost half the parade because I was in the tent reading Hunger Games. Haha.)

It was for the experience.

And boy was it an experience!!!! 

Watching 70+ bikers ride up and down university avenue with music blasting from speakers.
Seeing fellow campers with couches, inflatable projectors, and TVs. 
The Hawaiian family "next door" with 10+ kids under the age of 15 that were up after us and got up well before. 
The warm summer-night air that was perfect for all the festivities.
Seeing how excited everyone was just to be there! 

It was so much fun! 

Overall, this 4th of July was probably one of my favorites ever: 

-Camping out (followed by a 4 hour nap)
-Catching up with old friends, talking about old memories
...and making new ones. 
Watching fireworks...

I'm already excited for next year.

(and if i got the opportunity...yes I would camp out again in a heartbeat!) 

I'm so grateful to live in this wonderful country. 
I'm proud to be an American!! 
(Yes, and I love that song...Seriously.) 

Oh what a life I live!