Monday, June 6, 2011

Mim, Dorphin, MeMe

Miriam had a formal school dance the other night so she asked if she could wear my junior year prom dress. Obviously i told her she could (i don't really think i could have said no, haha). I also agreed to do her hair and make up for the evening. It was a little stressful getting home from work and trying to get her out the door on time (meanwhile mom and dad were running around trying to make the place look like a Hobo Paradise for Daniel's hobo themed birthday party--not that that required much work :) (haha just kidding.))

But even with the time crunch, i thought it all worked out great! I think her hair turned out pretty cute (if i do say so myself) and her make up too!

 Tonight i had fun messing around with an old picture of me at junior prom and a picture i took of Miriam before the dance. My mom's eyes are getting pretty blury (with her being 50 and all now) and she didn't even realize that it was a picture of me and miriam! (she thought it was just the same picture twice or something..? i don't know--her eyes must be PREETTY bad. haha)


i got a little sloppy with the editing..sorry about that. Haha. But at least you still get the general idea.

Now the question remains....does she REALLY look older than me?!?!??!??!??!

PS the title of this post is all nicknames that i have affectionately given to Miriam over the years:) (Meme being the most recent...)

Sunday, June 5, 2011


I went to Miriam's school concert last week. Her friends thought i was her YOUNGER sister. (She is 14.)