Thursday, June 27, 2013

By the numbers.

TEN weeks (or more) since I realized that the air conditioner in my car was broken and needed to be fixed, but I have yet to do anything about it. Which was fine 10 weeks ago when it was still winter-time in Provo, but now that it's pushing 100 degrees...action must be taken. asap.

NINE weeks have passed since Stephen asked me to marry him. It has been a crazy busy nine weeks! And although it still seems like our wedding is still foreverrrrrr away...looking back the last nine weeks have gone crazy fast!

EIGHT times a day I think about Hokulia shave ice and how much I want it. But then I also remember that due to the summer camps going on at the present...the line takes about eight hours*. (Which actually might still be worth it. I mean, that stuff is GOOD.)

SEVEN days until the 4th of July. I really hope this years' measures up to last years. I have full confidence that it will.

SIX homemade lemon chicken tacos have been devoured by yours truly during the last couple of days. (I don't think I could ever get sick of them. They're just too good. Homemade guac and pico on top are a given.)

FIVE (times ten plus one) days until I marry the love of my life. [ya.I'll be the first to admit that one's a bit of a stretch haha but just go with it.]

FOUR weeks since my last blog post. WOOPS. I'll do better this month ;)

THREE marvelous days were spent in Grace, Idaho this past weekend. (Well, technically two and a half, but I need something for three.) It is always nice to have a little weekend getaway, especially to Grace because it is BEAUTIFUL up there right now.

TWO hours drive to Manti, UT which is where Stephen and I will be going as soon as I'm off work tomorrow for the Manti pageant which I've never been to before. It should be good!

ONE day until my wedding ring is supposed to be here! Sadly, I don't think it will actually be here tomorrow, but there is still a small glimmer of hope deep down in my heart that it will arrive soon (as in within the next 24 hours soon, but with each passing hour that glimmer of hope is dimming.)

ZERO is the amount of times my PASS OF ALL PASSES has been used so far this summer. Unacceptable. I'm definitely hoping to bust that thing out within the next couple weeks.

*extreme exaggeration

Oh what a life I'm living!