Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Yousday Tuesday.

When I took a Human Development class a few years ago, I learned that babies prefer "attractive faces" over "unattractive" ones. As weird as that may sound - it definitely raises the question as to why my nephew Brandon seems to particularly love it each time I make the fishy face shown above.

The most I've ever spent on a single article of clothing? $139.42 (tax included). THIS is what I bought on Saturday. Was it worth it? YES. (...ask me again in three years.)

Tomorrow is the last day of my TELL 410 class. Last last day. INcluding the final. #HALLELUJAH. 

Yesterday Alyssa asked me if I like "cream of wheat" I didn't think I'd ever had it. She gave me an instant bag of the stuff (brown sugar flavor) and I am indeed a fan. (Though it could just be that I really like brown sugar....)

I (along with my roommates) just asked a boy (3 boys) on a date (for a ward/stake date night activity) via message in a bottle. #we'resocool 

Last night I had about 15 hours of sleep. #needed #notthetimetobegettingsick 

As you may have noticed I've been all about the "hashtags" lately, so much so I decided to finally hop aboard the twitter bandwagon. We'll see how long I last :) 
(shameless call for twitter followers: @freckledhan  ;))

Well, I'm exhausted and still needing lots of sleep! 

If you're up for a good read, be sure to check out this article written by one of my Jerusalem center professors. Can't believe it's almost been a year since I left for Jerusalem!

OH what a life I live,

Saturday, November 24, 2012


Hot off the presses ladies and gentleman...you're welcome ;) 

(why the thumbnail insists to be this terrible horrible freeze frame is WAYYYY beyond me!)

OH what a life I live!!!!

Thursday, November 22, 2012


1 turkey.
2 rounds of 'wacky six'.
3 adorable nephews.
4 dogs.
8 hours of twilight movies.
10 pies. 
12 pounds of potatoes.
25 people.

...all under ONE roof. 

...from our mad-house to yours :) 

#quirkyturkey #pilgrimrockanthem #foodcoma #somuchtobegratefulfor

oh what a life I live, 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

don't eat that yellow snow.

Ladies and Gents. I am here to report from first hand experience:


I've been thinking about trying this out a lot lately (see Tuesday's Post), but finally found someone willing to go along with my somewhat crazy idea :)

Are you grossed out?

(I was actually pretty surprised by a few of the reactions I received when I excitedly told people about this endeavor. . . Apparently not everyone is as keen on eating snow as I am. hahaahaha-who knew?) 
Oh well. Their loss :)

Since we (my trusty accomplice, Kyle, and myself) were feeling daring, we even decided to make our own sno cone syrup! 
I found a recipe online which was actually pretty simple: 
sugar, water and a packet of any flavor kool-aid--we used strawberry.

While the syrup was cooling, we went on a hunt to find some GOOD CLEAN snow.

This proved to be a little difficult, since it hasn't snowed in a couple days, but we were up for the challenge! AND after only a little bit of searching we were able to find some that was the PERFECT texture (crunchy, but not too icy).

We poured our home-made syrup (which turned out quite well I might add) onto the snow (using a funnel) and then drizzled sweetened condensed milk on top.


(don't mind my CRAZY hair in the picture above ;)) 

All in all, I would say this experiment was a SUCCESS.
I'm actually hoping it will snow again soon (this is rare) so I can have some more! YUM.

Oh what a life I live!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Yousday Tuesday.

When I saw that someone built a snowman around our dear "Yellow Feather" Statue yesterday while on tour (see above), I literally started laughing so hard I couldn't even explain to the people on my golfcart what was so funny! 

Even though there is no logical reason as to why: I don't like spaghetti noodles.
 (I realize they taste the same as all other noodles, but for some reason I just don't like them.)

I've always wanted to dye my hair just to see what it would look like a different color, but I'm too afraid that after dying it once I'd never be able to stop.

Last friday I drove in snow for the very first time (at least from what I can remember...).

Our dishwasher currently has a mind of its own. As soon as it's done, it starts over again. The dishes in the dishwasher went through at least three washing cycles today.

I don't believe anyone who says that sneezing with your eyes open is possible. (ahem...ALYSSA.)
If you believe this is possible, I challenge you to make a video of you (or someone you know) sneezing with your/their eyes open and then send it to me. Maaaybe then, and only then, will I reconsider my position. 

I watched Phantom of the Opera for the first time this past weekend (which is especially sad since I actually own the DVD). [In case you were wondering...I thought it was interesting...still actually trying to decide how I feel about it. haha. But the music is beautiful-no question about that.]

In exactly one week I will be headed home to CA for THANKSGIVING! :) 

Oh what a life I live, 

Thursday, November 8, 2012


Let's be honest. 
This week has not been my favorite week. 

Lucky for me, however, no matter what's going on around me, 
there's always one thing that can brighten my day:


More specifically: Delicious Food.

More specifically: Cereal.

Cereal is one of those wonderful things that you can eat pretty much any time of day (or night) 
and not feel toooo guilty for doing so. 

Typically I prefer non-sugary cereals
 (although a bowl or two of "Marshmallow Maties" is a must every now and again) 
but Alyssa kindly introduced me to this WONDERFUL treat, 
and I feel it is my duty to spread the good word to the rest of the world.

Step 1: Chex Cereal (I prefer Corn Chex, but feel free to use whatever you like.)

Step Two: Add a spoonful of peanut butter and honey. 

Step Three: Microwave for 30 seconds. (No more. No less.
[Just kidding. Microwave it for as long as you want.]

Steps Four and Five: Mix it all together. 
Add Milk.


It. Is. Sooooo. Good.
I won't tell you how many boxes of Chex I've gone through since discovering this tasty treat.
Seriously. Try it. 
Try it now :)

Oh what a life I live!