Saturday, August 31, 2013

Two months late.

I started this post the last week in July when the pictures were taken....needless to say, my life has been pretty crazy since then :) 

Our good friend Melissa's family invited us over yet again for a fun BBQ in honor of Pioneer Day (the 24th of July)! We very much enjoyed it, and had a lot of fun with the fireworks and sparklers (especially since I set a long exposure on my camera and got some pretty cool pics).

We ran out of sparklers at the end, but were still having fun with the long exposure setting on my camera, so we tried using the flashlight app on my phone (thanks to the suggestion from my sister, Sarah).

Thanks Littlefield Fam for the fun Pioneer Day celebration! 
(Even if that is a very belated thank you.) 

What a life I'm living!