Sunday, September 22, 2013

2nd Edition.

I decided that it was time to create a new blog. I have loved this blog for the past 4ish years, and I hope that any one who reads it will continue to follow Stephen and I in our life-adventures on our new blog.

OH what a life we're living!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Trouble in the Tetons.

On Friday August 2nd, I gave my last tour as a BYU tour guide :( and then Stephen and I hit the road for Wyoming! It was really fun being able to spend time in the car together and drive through exciting cities like Kemmerer, WY (home of JC Penny) as well as Daniel Wyoming, population 100. :) Stephen's Uncle Randy and Aunt Ruth invited us to come with some of their family (kids and grandkids) on a little camping trip in the Tetons, and we were excited! We'd been looking forward to this trip for months :)

Here's how the trip went in a nutshell:

Wake up 6:30 am.
Drive to Jackson lake (two hours).
Load boat with all the "hud." (Code for camping junk)
Boat doesn't start.
Wait on dock for 4 hours trying to get boat to start.
Get really really really sunburned.
Get really jealous of all the other boats on the dock.
Wait another couple hours for people to try to figure out how to make the boat start.
Give up and drive back to cabin.
Raspberry pick around cabin.
Drive to String Lake (two hours).
Kayak on beautiful String Lake.
Drive back to cabin.
Eat delicious raspberries with ice cream and angel food cake.

Wake up at 6:00 am.
Drive to Jackson Lake.
Rent motor boats.
Ride motor boats to campsite.
Set up camp (while others went back to pick up the rest of the crew and return motor boats, then kayak to campsite).
Play in the water.
See Grizzly bear.
Call Park Rangers.
Watch Grizzly bear come closer and closer to campsite.
Call Park Rangers.
Pack up camp.
See a second grizzly bear.
Call Park Rangers.
Wait for Park Rangers.
Park Rangers arrive.
Listen to Park Rangers tell us we were supposed to yell and throw rocks at the Grizzly Bears.
Be confused.
Ride with Park Rangers back to Dock. (While others kayaked back, and others waited on the campsite for the Rangers to come back to pick them up.)
Drive back to cabin.

Although the four days didn't go exactly as planned...and in the end there actually wasn't any camping involved, we had A TON of fun! It was the perfect little escape before we came back to the craziness of wedding planning and preparation.  :)

I haven't spent much time in Wyoming, other than driving through it on various family road trips, but I must admit that the Tetons and the Wind Rivers are BEAUTIFUL! I can't say that I'm a crazy-intense-outdoorsy type of person...but I can definitely appreciate this incredible world in which we live.

The view from the deck of Randy and Ruth's cabin.
The view with the sunset was INCREDIBLE.
The raspberries iiiiiii picked! (above) 

Oh what a life I'm living!