Sunday, August 1, 2010

3 Reasons Why I Don't Blog.

I really wish i blogged more. I think it would be fun if i got more into it, but for some reason i can never get myself to just sit in front of the computer and type. Well, okay that's not true- i spend way too much time on Facebook typing away about nothing of importance, so i really ought to start typing on this nifty thing too.

The problem is, whenever i think about blogging, i always come up with an excuse as to why i shouldn't/can't. Maybe if i list all of those reasons i'll show myself how ridiculous i'm being and i just need to suck it up and write.

Excuse Number 1: I don't have time.

Hahaha. This is honestly a laughable excuse because the simple honest truth is is have LOADS of time. As a matter of fact i a have SO much time on my hands and i have absolutely nothing to do with it. Well, i've been watching movies, reading and finding other things to help the days pass by, but i would say blogging is just as productive (if not more) than many of the other things i am doing. (At least while i'm still home for the summer and have nothing else pressing my time.)

Excuse Number 2:I don't have anything to blog about.

What are blogs meant for anyway? Journals? Thoughts? I have thoughts. (Is that from a movie? "I have thoughts." It sounds so familiar but i can't figure out what it's from.) Why not blog about my thoughts? At least i will entertain myself perhaps :)

Excuse Number 3: People won't want to read what I have to say.

So what? Who am i blogging for anyway? For other people? Or for myself?! Who knows if anyone else will even read this?! I'm sure someday i'll have a jolly 'ole time reading through past blog entries and laughing about how ridiculous i am for having conversations with myself and then posting them on the internet.

Well there you have it folks: reasons why i don't blog.

The other day i came across the blog of one of my friends (she had a link to it on Facebook). I read a few of the posts and it inspired me. It inspired me to be a better blogger :) Although i'm sure her blogs will always be more entertaining and probably deeper than mine, i figure i might as well give it a shot. Who knows? I may become an excellent blogger yet.

I'm setting a goal to blog at least 4 times this week. I'm posting it on here so i will be more likely to follow through with my goal :) [much like when i announce "Last chip!" or "last cookie".] I'll be trying to think of interesting things people will want to read about.

That is all,
-Hannah :)

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  1. Thanks for writing on your blog again...but you have some work to do...I pictures? Even if you don't know what to write, you have to at least post a picture! In fact pictures make it easy because they give you something to blog about (the circumstances of when the picture was taken). Good luck this week with your goal... I'll be tuning in to see your progress!