Thursday, May 5, 2011

I'm an Awkward Hugger

Over the last few years i've been made to sit through criticisms of multiple people about my lack of good-hugging abilities. I've always thought that while what they said probably had some truth to it, it was extremely dramatized and my hugs really weren't nearly as bad as they made it seem.

In an attempt to prove all of these people wrong i've started paying attention more closely to the hugs i give. Much to my dismay, i discovered they were totally right! Which is why I am now publicly acknowledging the problem.

This realization really hit me hard just a few days ago at a singles ward FHE activity where someone i had never met before introduced himself and then gave me a hug (as he had done to the girls that were standing next to me that he already knew). It was in those few moments that i realized i was in the middle of quite possibly the most awkward hug that had ever been given- and it was all MY fault! I don't even know what exactly about the hug made it so unbearably awkward, but just take my word that it was quite painful.

Now for the big question: Why am i such an awkward hugger?!? I don't know! Genetics? It would appear that awkward hugs run in the family. Claiming that it's simply something genetic that i'll never be able to fix would get me off the hook pretty easy :) Maybe i'll go with that answer... haha. I suppose it's probably something i'll have to work on...although i've never really been much of a hugger so i'd really rather not.... Ha. (Which is quite possibly the root of the problem.)

Besides, what's the big deal about hugging anyway?! What ever happened to the good ole' handshake?! I've been told i give exceptional handshakes. ;)


  1. Wow! A post!! Yeah, I'm pretty similar--I mean I can give an ok hug to someone I like--but to a stranger/someone you just met or even just a friend--what's wrong with a handshake?... I mean, if you give out hugs like free samples at a grocery store--what are they worth? As much as free samples at a grocery store j/k :)

  2. Yep, I can confirm this an issue for Hannah. I noticed it last week. Sarah's hug was just great, but Hannah's was, well, ....Aaaawkward! I used to have this issue when I worried about appearing too friendly/affectionate...spending some time with friends/family from Hawaii helped me get over it which makes me think it is more of a cultural thing. As for Sarah's analogy (via Bytheway): Is a friendly smile of less value when I greet strangers? I would think not! It's contagious!

  3. Haha you're so cute Hannah! :) I must say though, I can't remember a time where I've received an awkward hug from you! Maybe it's just because I squeeze people pretty good when I go to hug them so they don't really have an option of not hugging me back. Haha! :) I hope things are going good in Cali! Keep posting so that we know what's going on in your life, please! :)

  4. Hahaha. thanks for the comments guys! And sarah and joseph you did bring up some good points :) I've noticed (much to my dismay) that the singles ward here is an extremely huggy ward...maybe by the end of the summer i'll have improved the quality of my hugs. Haha. I'll keep you posted :) and thanks April!! i really will try this summer to blog more!!! i can't promise anything but i WILL TRY!! :)