Sunday, March 3, 2013

supes and totes.

I can't say I'm a huge fan of all the "abbreves" that are so prevalent as of late, 
but the other day I was discussing with some friends which word has more value: 
"totes" or "supes." 

Eventually we came to the common agreement was that "supes" is the superlative of "totes."

But either way... last night was a "supes totes" fun night.

(And yes, I know full well how ridiculous that sounds.)

What is required for an extraordinary night:

-A Thai Restaurant in Salt Lake that has mismatched dish-ware,
"That's how you know it's really good." -Alyssa

-Playing Ruzzle (a virtual version of Boggle) at the dinner table. 
(Tacky. Yet necessary. We may or may not have an unhealthy addiction.)

-Declaring a "Chinese Fire drill" at a stop light - despite the drivers' protests.

-Danny getting locked in the car during said fire drill.

-Bowling. And just being able to laugh when you get two gutter balls in a row.
(Not that that happened or anything.)

-Peer pressuring Danny into eating a box elder bug.

-Eating delicious waffles at Brugge. (Pronounced real fancy like.)

-Spending time with good friends and creating memories to last a lifetime. doesn't get much "supes totes" more fun than that! (haha.)

Oh what a life I live,


  1. Hannah. I think that I am related to that girl in your pictures. What is her name? Is she related to any Nielson's??

    1. haha. Her name is Olivia, and she said she went to your wedding reception?! Her mom is cousins with your dad or something?

  2. OOOOkay. Yeah, I thought she looked familiar :)