Wednesday, January 9, 2013

That one time I basically started bawling during class.

(just pretend cuz... I haven't done one of these in a while. ;))

1. I've officially lost it. Yesterday as I was walking to devotional I thought to myself,
"Wow. The temperature actually feels pretty good right now!"
I then got out my phone only to discover that the current temp was a whopping 21 degrees.

2. My ward is currently doing a "workout competition" where apartments earn points for each person that works out 45 minutes a day. (Which is rather convenient because my family is currently doing a similar sort of thing.) So, my apartment has been committed to spending 45 minutes each day doing Just Dance. I'm basically a pro now that I've been doing it for....two days now.
(and if you don't consider doing Just Dance a "work out," I BEG TO DIFFER.) 

3. Classes are good. It's going to be a busy but good semester. (Or at least that's what I tell myself.) The class that I'm most excited about is my Doctrine and Covenants class taught by one of my Jerusalem Professors (Bro. Harper). I've only been once and I already feel like I've learned a ton!

4. I went to campus 3 hours before my class this morning just to get a parking space. And it wasn't even a very good parking space! My theory that parking wouldn't be so much of a hassle now that half the student population went on missions was more than slightly off. (Sadly.)

5. THIS is the video that we watched in one of my classes yesterday that made me tear up. 
And "tearing up" is basically crying. And crying is basically bawling--hence the title,
 "that one time I basically started bawling during class."

I really love that we get the opportunity to have religious and spiritual discussion in every subject at BYU.
To me-- it makes education feel even more rewarding.
It's the best.

Oh what a life I live,

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  1. Oh yippee, goodie, and hooray! A Yous-day Tuesday! Keep 'em coming! And wear shorts on any day where the temperature exceeds 20 degrees. #nothinghoweveriswrongwithmeiliveiniowa