Tuesday, January 1, 2013

twenty twelve in review.


When I went to The Holy Land,
met and roomed with some of my favorite people in the whole world,
and went to Petra in Jordan.


When I helped plan the "Arab dinner,"
it was really windy,
and the Russian-Swede-Asian became an unlikely trio.
(how unlikely?...just ask Vlad. ;))


When it snowed on the Dome of the Rock,
I went to Turkey, 
 spent 10 days on the Sea of Galilee,
participated in the Palm Sunday Walk, 
and discovered mint lemonade.
(Oh how I miss it.)


When I bike rode through Tel Aviv and ate my first cheeseburger in months,
 went to a "Sun Rise, Son Rise" service on Easter at the Garden Tomb, 
finally put a prayer in the Western Wall, 
and had a Farewell-Jerusalem photoshoot with my Jerusalem roommates.


When I put the finishing touches on the Total Pillow Infomercial,
the addition on our house got carpeted,
and when I listened to Tim and Cameron's mission stories for hours.



When Daniel graduated high school, 
I bought my very own car,
and I got a job as a tour guide of BYU.


When it was much too hot to sleep indoors so we took our mattresses outside,
and when I finally got to camp out for the 4th of July Parade.


When my cousin Kierstin stayed with me for a couple days,
 I turned 21,
I was finally reunited with my jerusalem roommates,
 won GOLD in the synchronized swimming competition,
my best friend/cousin/ex-roommate got married,
and when I got an unhealthy addiction to Hokulia shave ice.


When I taught Kindergarteners PE and had a blast doing it,
when I participated in the Dirty Dash in Midway, UT.


When we celebrated the first marriage from our Jerusalem group,
 I went to Colorado (twice),
and survived visiting the scariest house I've ever been inside in my life.


When I went home for thanksgiving
and we ordered sushi for 24 people.
(Oh my delicious.)


When we stopped at the Reno temple on our way to Utah,
wished everyone a very hairy Christmas,
and went to see the lights at temple square.  

It truly has been an INCREDIBLE year,
I can't wait to see what 2013 has in store!

Oh what a life I'm livin',

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