Monday, May 20, 2013

See You In Two.

I just got the first email from my little brother Daniel who is currently in the MTC! 

This past Wednesday, exactly 11 years after my older brother Joseph entered the MTC, I dropped Daniel off at the very same place! 

I am so proud of Daniel and his decision to serve a mission.
 I can't wait to hear about his exciting adventures in Cleveland, Ohio :)

While dropping Daniel off I couldn't help but be reminded of a time when I said goodbye to another special missionary just over two years ago.... (Let's hope then next two years go faster than the last! ;))

Oh what a life I'm living,

PS If you want to receive Daniel's weekly emails, be sure to let me or my mom know! 


  1. so fun you got to take him! and great pictures! Hey- how come you got an e-mail from him??

  2. I want to get Daniel's emails!