Tuesday, June 12, 2012

23 J's for Mr. Jay.

The other night. 
Marc had a birthday. 

The evening started off with a journey to Leatherby's, where we joined together and ate ice cream.

(Biggs eating his MOUNTAIN of ice cream...he finished that thing in 20 minutes easy!)

At Leatherby's they have a "challenge" where if you can finish that particular ice cream order
 (pictured above...I think it's called a "Daddy Dave's" or something)
 you get a sticker and your picture on the wall. 
Both Biggs and Rachel were able to succeed in the challenge! 

Impressive? Yes.
Worth it? I would say no.
 (Rachel clearly felt sick the rest of the evening....but she was sure proud! :)) 

While we ate our ice cream, we brainstormed on what else we could do to celebrate Marc's special day.

Finally we came up with a plan:

23 things starting with the letter J in honor of Marc JAY's Birthday! 

So...we made a list...

and set to work! 


Juxtaposing. (We just stood side by side for that one. haha)

Jay walking.
(technically anywhere Marc walks is "jay-walking" so all he had to do was walk and we counted it.)








Juuust to name a few ;) 

One of the "activities" we came up with was jumproping but none of us had a jumprope handy
...so we improvised!

We decided to use the longest, skinniest thing we could find...Kyle! 

Joe and Chase each took a side and swung Kyle back and forth while Carly jumped over. 
Pretty impressive, huh? :)

Some other noteworthy J's included: Joe-Riding.
(Joe took Marc for a little ride on his back.)

and my personal favorite: Jousting.

Overall it was a pretty fun night :)
I'm going to miss this crew when I head back to P-Town! 

Oh what a life I live, 

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