Thursday, June 7, 2012

In which I tell about my first car-buying experience...

Yep. That's right. 

I bought a car.


....wait, what? REALLY? i actually bought a car??!!  

Those are about the emotions I have been feeling the last few days:
 Bursting with excitement one second,
complete shock and denial the next. 

But, there's no turning back now...and I really am excited! 
After searching on craigslist (about 10-15 times a day for three weeks)
and going to at least 10 different car lots...
I FINALLY found the perfect car :) 

It's a little older of a model than I was planning on (it's a '98 Honda Accord),
but it only had one previous owner, and it is immaculate.
(Immaculate wasn't even a part of my vocabulary before this car came into my life...not because I didn't know what it meant...but because things in my life don't typically fit the description ;)) 

(Of course on the one day that I ACTUALLY buy a car I didn't bring my camera, so fuzzy cell phone pictures were the best I could do.) 

Shout out of thanks to all of those who helped me during the weeks of searching: Cameron, Mom, Dad, James, and Grandpa Rasband!

Oh what a life I live,

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