Sunday, June 10, 2012

Beverly Hillbilly-ing.

Just a few weeks ago, the addition on my parents' house was finally finished! (well..more or less...)

My grandparents are currently in town for Daniel's high school graduation.

(congrats, Daniel!)

While they are here my grandma is helping my mom decorate/furnish of the new part of the house 
(Gram is a wizard at that sort of thing!).

After searching around, they finally decided to buy an entertainment center off of craigslist
 to go in our newly added living room.

So, Daniel, my mom, my grandma, grandpa and I all set off to get the entertainment center. 

...little did we know what we were getting ourselves into!

Attention Please:
If you find yourself needing to move an entertainment center out of someone else's house and into your own,
 please keep in mind a few of my suggestions:

1.) Rent a team of oxen or find someone with a fork lift.
2.) Buy it from a house that doesn't have stairs or steps of any kind.
3.) Don't.

Well, the happy end to this story is that the entertainment center was successfully moved to our house and put in our new living room without breaking or excessive scratches added to the wood. 

The 3.5ish hours leading up to that point, however, was what my grandma called, "a comedy of errors...only without the errors, so I guess that's just a comedy!" 
Even though the pictures don't do the situation any sort of justice...they're the best I can do. 

Daniel literally had to lean the thing on his back for a little while and crawl on the ground!--it was the only way we could still get a hand on the dolly to steer it.

By the time we got all three pieces of the entertainment center into the truck
 padded down with blankets and foam pads we looked like genuine hill-billies! 

All I can say is that Daniel and my 84-year old Grandpa are BEASTS.
From Daniel...that was to be expected (he has been wrestling for four years now...).
But Grandpa!!! I was both shocked and amazed.
(Grandpa later described the job as "rough duty." hahaha. I couldn't have said it better myself.) 

If it weren't for them and a friendly neighbor (who used to by a radio D.J and whose uncle just so happens to design and make appliance dollies) I don't think it would have been possible for us to make it out of there with both the entertainment center, and all of our limbs intact.

....but after finally getting it loaded and unloaded...
It sure does look pretty doesn't it?!

Oh what a life I live!


  1. looks great! good job guys!! Ok, so now I need more pictures/a video skype just wasn't cutting it.

  2. Hahaha Garth is so unbelievably strong and young at heart. :) Looks good guys!