Saturday, December 15, 2012

Apartment Decor, Pink&Black Sunday, and Mim's Winter Ball

With finals this past week, and hectic final projects the week before,
 I've got some catching up to do! 

Here are a few pictures with short explanations of things I've been meaning to post about:


When I got back from Thanksgiving break my apartment was all decorated for Christmas!
(thanks to Brittani and Jamie) 
It looked GREAT! 

(I was quite impressed with the snowflakes Jamie made, I am amazingly horrible at making them myself.)
(...which probably isn't a good sign for someone who hopes to be an elementary school teacher. Let's hope they never ask me if I have that skill in an interview.)


Last sunday when we were about to leave for church we realized something--
we were all wearing pink and black without even planning it!

 Great minds think alike, I suppose :)

Above: Me, Bryn, Jamie, and Kristina.
...sadly Brittani wasn't feeling well that morning and wasn't able to join us :( 


 I am now happily back in SUNNY CA 
(...the fact that it was cold and rainy all day today is beside the point)
 and tonight I had fun helping Mim get ready for the winter ball! 

This next picture makes me laugh every time, 
Dad's smile is just so dang funny.
(And the pioneer picture framed in the back is just perfect with his hat.)

hooray for being done with school for 22 days! 
hooray for family!
hooray for winter break!
(slogan stolen from Emilee, thanks em ;)) 

Oh what I life I live,

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