Monday, December 3, 2012

making cinnamon rolls after 10 p.m. is ALWAYS a good idea.

Last night I got back from ward prayer and said (mostly to myself),

"Do you know what sounds so good right now? Cinnamon rolls."

without missing a beat Bryn says,

"let's make cinnamon rolls!"

Within 5 minutes I had a recipe pulled up on my computer and we set to work! 

15 minutes later they were in the oven.

24 minutes after that they were ready to be eaten. 

Neither Bryn nor I had made cinnamon rolls before, but . . .


(And surprisingly really fast and easy to make!) 

This is the recipe that we used, I would recommend it to anyone, 
especially first-time-cinnamon-roll-makers like myself.

We decided that this may or may not have to become a monthly weekly tradition :) 

(My roommate Bryn [aka "Curry Powder"] & me [aka Hannah Knickerbocker Flinder.)

Oh what a life I live,

PS Maybe I should tame it down with the "food posts." What can i say? #ilovetoeat

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