Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Christmas To Remember

This Christmas--the Christmas of 2012--has indeed been a Christmas to remember.

Back by popular demand, we added the 2nd installment to the Family Christmas Eve Music Video

(You're welcome ;))

This Christmas will be remembered because I saw a little boy at church making this letter for Santa:
(It says, "Dear Santa, Where do you think I'm at at the good o meter? -Jacob")

It will be remembered cause my dad got a Legally Blonde movie in his stocking.
(Because QUOTE: "He loves those movies!" -Mom)

It will be remembered because Mim accidentally made the cream cheese frosting
 (for the cinnamon rolls) 
with granulated sugar instead of powdered sugar.
(In her defense, it still tasted good!)

It will be remembered because Dad's "gift of meaning" for Mom was the sensor light he's been "meaning" to replace. (hahaha.)

It will be remembered because it was the Christmas in which I got an iphone 
(which was used to FaceTime with Grandma shortly after being activated :)) 

It will be remembered because much of the evening was spent preparing for our roadtrip to Utah the next morning.
(Which was also very memorable because we were cramped in dad's car 
with wayyy too much stuff and barely any leg room :)) 
(Good thing we had lots of movies to watch on our basically-3-inch DVD player 
to keep our minds off of how squished we were!)

(more pictures to be added later.)

This Christmas (season) will especially be remembered because the church
teamed up with The Piano Guys to produce this incredible video:

 (Because that's really the most important thing to remember about Christmas.)

Oh what a life I live,

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