Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day: DIY

You know you've all seen those amazing things on Pinterest that you pin and have every intention of actually using later, but in reality you know darn well that you're never actually going to get around to doing them...

Well, FINALLY I can feel like one of those LEGIT crafty pinterest people! 


It all started when Jamie and I decided that we needed to jazz up our living room. 
We brainstormed for hours (literally hours) on layouts and designs, and then tried different things until we found the best option (thanks to Alyssa that girl). 

Then on to the fun part! DECORATING! 
We decided that on one wall of the living room each of the roommates would make the first letter of their name (decorated however they want) and put them in matching frames.

(Que Pinterest.) 

This is the idea that I saw/fell in love with:

Before long, Jamie (my partner in crime/roommate) and I, were off to Walmart to buy the needed supplies!! 

Then we set to work! 

It took HOURS.

But I have to admit, I was pretty proud of the final product :) 

Though I'll be first to point out its many flaws AND though I didn't get a SINGLE homework assignment done, I would say today was pretty productive :) 

(Jamie's adorable 'J' is made out of yarn.)

I'll be sure to put up another picture once the other girls have theirs' (Ican'tdecideifthereshouldbeanapostrophethereornot..) done!

Oh what a life I live, 

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