Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Yous-Day Tuesday.

Well aren't you a lucky bunch!
 You get to know a few more interesting (or maybe not interesting) facts about yours truly! 
(I just have to post this quickly so it's still tuesday....)


-I literally cannot look at this picture (above) without laughing. It's just so funny and awkward and I look like such a loner. hahahhahaa. I don't even know why I think it's so funny, it just is! Sometimes I look at it when I need to laugh. (And yes I am chuckling to myself right this very second.)

-I never know what to say when people compliment my freckles (...it's kind of a weird compliment). 

-I get paid to drive a golf cart and tell people about how great BYU is. (In all honesty I would probably do that for free...but why not get paid for it?!)

-Recent addiction: thrifting. I've always heard wonderful things about it, but I'm finally on board. ...I've gone three times in the last month! 

-Traveling to Germany is high on my "bucket list."

-Most of my weird quirks I attribute to the fact that I am left handed.

-If I had $1300 to spare I would buy a Canon- Rebel EOS 60D18-200IS 18.0-Megapixel DSLR Camera. (Or something along those lines. hahaha.) (I got to take some pictures on my friend's camera the other day and it was a life changing experience...from googling what I remember about that camera this is what I found.)

-I have a super power: the ability to sleep anytime, anywhere. Tried, tested and true. Promise. 

-I do my best work under pressure.


Check back tomorrow for a post about my fun [mud] filled Saturday! 

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  1. So as I was reading the sentence "Most of my weird quirks I attribute to" my mind raced ahead and I was afraid it was going to say "to my mother!" Imagine how relieved I was to read that you attribute it to being left handed. Whew...You didn't get that from me! :)
    Love ya!