Tuesday, September 18, 2012

"Yousday Tuesday" *No Copyright Infringement Intended ;)

On one of the many blogs I follow, the girl posts a list of facts about herself every Tuesday. 
(I'm not entirely sure why she calls it "Yousday Tuesday" but I'm just going with it.)
Since I always find her posts interesting, I decided to try it out myself 

Tutku Cookies (as shown above) were my not-so-secret addiction in Jerusalem. Nutella INSIDE a cookie?! Genius. 

One of my biggest pet peeves is when men don't wear their wedding rings.

People tell me I look like a Whoo (from The Grinch) on a fairly regular basis.

I LOVE making TO DO lists. (I purposely put things on them that I've already done just so I can check them off.)

I think raisins are the worst thing that could have ever happened to trail mix...and to oatmeal cookies.

I'm pretty good at remembering people's faces, but terrible at remembering names.

I am willing to go to great lengths for free stuff (including 3 different locations to track down free Papa Johns Pizza at last week's ward FHE activity).

When I don't feel like doing homework (which is more often than I should admit) I am likely watching TV episodes on Hulu or reading other people's blogs. (Facebook doesn't hold my attention very long nowadays, blog-stalking has become much more entertaining.) 

French toast is one of my favorite things in the whole world, I have a whole board dedicated to it on pinterest.

I love filling out surveys. One time I won $100 for the BYU Bookstore just because I completed a survey. WAHOO!

Videos of the Jerusalem Center make me incredibly nostalgic. Pictures surprisingly not so much, but videos..."Oh my heart."


Well there you have it folks, 11 random facts you may-or-may-not have known about me :) 

Check back next Tuesday and maybe (if you're lucky) I'll post a few more!

Oh what a life I live,