Thursday, October 25, 2012

deja vu.

Remember when I was in Jerusalem and I pulled an all-nighter? 
I stayed up the entire night (for the first time ever) to edit the "Goodbye Sterling" video.
(If you don't remember what I'm talking about read the "Thursday" section of this blog post.

I don't remember a lot about the following day, 
but there are a few things I clearly remember:

It snowed! [IN JERUSALEM.]
aaaand I had to take a midterm. 
[which I actually did surprisingly well on thankyouverymuch :))

So, here I am...6-7 months later...

Last night I did not sleep a wink. 
I did not put on my pajamas. 
I did not lay my head down on my pillow.

At about 2:30 a.m. I was putting the finishing touches on the music video I'd been working on.
My computer kept telling me "start up disc is full" and would freeze up until i deleted something.
After some frustration, I was determined to delete AS MANY things as i could, just so i was SURE to have enough memory to finish the project. 

Somewhere during that process...imovie shut down. FOR GOOD.
(or so i thought...)

I didn't know what to do. I tried to recover it for probably 20 minutes, but it was GONE
The application "imovie" was NOWHERE to be found! 
....what the heck?! how does that even happen???
I searched EVERYWHERE on my computer...
literally asking myself the question "if I were imovie where would I go?"
[people are allowed to have crazy thoughts during hours that they should be sleeping--don't judge.]

After a few minutes reality set in:
it. was. gone.

My heart literally sank.

After a quick prayer, I realized:
 It could have been SO much worse!
 At least I still had ALL of the video files, 
and my roommate had a mac!

I woke her up just enough to ask to borrow her computer for a few hours 
and set to work

I started the video ALL over again, and finished at 7:20. a.m.
uploaded it to youtube,
and emailed the link to the person in charge before 8:00 a.m. (just as directed).

(Did I mention that this project was for an 8:30a.m. work talent show?)

 I was out the door by 8:08 a.m.
As luck would have it, a girl from my complex saw me walking and offered to give me a ride!

Tender mercies are REAL! 

Want to know the craziest part? 

it snowed today. [first snow of the season]
AND. I have a midterm. 


(...Here's to hoping this one goes as well as the last one i took on 0 sleep :))

Now, enough of that!!
This is what you're really here for :)

(let's face it. I pretty much have the best job. ever.)

OH what a life I LIVE! 


  1. hhahaha this is SO CUTE i love that!!!! and you are a babe. and i know jason! and your work looks like the funnest. and i still cannot get over how great that video was for having stayed up all night to do it!!!

  2. also I JUST HAD TO TYPE THE VERIFICATION 3 TIMES TOO i didn't realize the picture was part of the word hahaha

  3. Finding this little piece made the whole experience even more real and enjoyable! P.S. I have yet to pull an all-nighter since we came back :)