Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Yousday Tuesday!

(Deepest apologies for the lack of a yous-day tuesday post last week--it was a BUSY week! 
And this week I'm afraid is just as busy...)

I went to True Blue this year! (See picture above.) WOOHOO! (It was actually a few weeks ago, but I finally tracked down this picture.) That means I can officially cross it off my BYU Bucket List. I'm not opposed to going at least one more time while being at BYU, but I've now gone twice in 4 years and I'm pretty content with that :) 

A work music video is currently in production! ...check back in a couple days and it very well may be posted here for your viewing pleasure :)

I typically prefer snow over rain (and it looks like it's going to start snowing soon).

I've secretly always wanted a (fake) brown leather jacket, and finally got one this past weekend! (I'm sure I'll post pics eventually ;))

I actually love cleaning checks!

It takes me (on average) 10 minutes to completely curl my hair. (The Conair 1 inch curling iron is magical I tell you.) 

I can blow spit bubbles. (TMI? Eh, some people think it's kinda cool.)

The radio in my car is broken and I actually kinda like it that way.

I still have trouble distinguishing the difference between "affect" and "effect."

I've never been very good at remembering birthdays.

I'm going to Colorado this weekend!!!!! :) It will be fun to get out of Provo with some friends. I'll probably blog about that too...yet another reason to check back later! 

Welp...back to homework it is :/

Oh what a life I live, 

PS The guy with me in the pic above is a friend from JERU, and no we are not holding hands even though it totally looks like we are. haha. 

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