Tuesday, October 9, 2012

the BYU bucket list.

This week's YOUSDAY-TUESDAY will include the things that I've always wanted to do/will do while at BYU (not to worry, I strategically arranged to graduate a few years late, just to ensure I will have ample time to accomplish all of these things ;)).

hike the Y
hike the Y during the official "Y lighting ceremony" (Homecoming week)
take an ice skating class (x2)
go skiing or snowboarding
attend general conference at the conference center
ipod dance party in the library
participate in a dinner group
float down the Provo River
ride in a golf cart on Campus
be on the jumbotron during a football game
get a free t-shirt from a football game
be quoted and/or photographed in The Universe (BYU's newspaper)
eat a meal at the hospital cafeteria, just for fun 
get paid to participate in a BYU study
go on a study abroad
sample food from the test tasting lab in the Eyring
drive through the Alpine Loop during Fall just 'cuz it's pretty :) 
camp out for the 4th of July 
watch a movie at the international cinema
Vocal Point concert
$2 Tuesdays at Thanksgiving point  (would definitely do that one again)
go to True Blue football 2x
Haunted corn maze
go to the roof of the SWKT
eat dinner at Gloria's Little Italy  (10/5/13)
watch the sunset from provo canyon

I just realized "graduate" isn't actually on the list...hahahhaaha. Well. at least I know where my priorities are, right? ;) (JUST KIDDING mom and dad :) 'graduate' is a given)!

I imagine that I'll be adding to this list...but at least it's a start!
(sad that it's taken me so long to finally compile one.)

Oh what a life I'm livin',

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