Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Today i saw the following video posted on facebook:

SHE WAS IN PROVO?!!?!???? OH my. That is soo cool! I totally recognize that girl working at the creamery, too. Man!! If ONLY i had just to happened to be at the creamery on saturday!! [But the alternative of being in Logan with my wonderful sister, Rebekah, brother in law and adorable niece and nephew was pretty awesome too ;)]

Anyway, i seriously cannot believe this right now! i just had to inform all of you. Stephen is going to FREAK out when i tell him, haha.

[if you don't know Glozell already. PLEASE watch some of her videos. She is absolutely hysterical.]


  1. That's crazy! I love how Glozell says "on ninth" when she's talking about being at the BYU creamery. haha. I wonder what super fan Ashley said in her video that got Glozell to surprise visit her!
    Good save on not being bitter that you missed her =) Love ya!!

  2. HAHAHAHA!! I cannot believe that she was at the creamery!! So awesome! I know Ashley too!! She was in my Liberty Square ward last year!