Monday, November 21, 2011

Perfect Evening

I was able to attend the wedding reception
of my good friend 
(and roommate from last year)

The previous friday night 
I was honored to help plan and host her bachelorette party 
(along with Brittany and Christine). 
Christine had the great idea to make it a classy/mocktail party event
and though I'll admit I was slightly skeptical,
(and it was a lot of work to pull off)
  I thought it turned out really well!

First, these are the invitations I made
(with the help of Andrea's boyfriend Jordan..thanks Jordan!!) 

(i removed my address...i don't want stalkers ;) baha.)

Here are some pictures of the set up:

(thank you sooo much Andrea and Brittany for your help!!)
Brittany was testing out how the backdrop would look on the wall.

the almost completed "picture wall". If you know Sara, you know how much she loves her pictures ;)

Andrea definitely has the artistic eye. She was able to help make the place look AMAZING.
and the food and "margarita" tables....
(everyone knows you can't have a good party without good food! ;))

A few more various pictures of the evening...

the whole group!

(It's official. My neck is comparable to that of a giraffe's.)

me and the bride to be :)

don't worry. it's just soda! :)
One of the most memorable parts?
when the party was over,
Christine wanted to return some of the stuff
we didn't end up using for decorations.
The problem?
We couldn't find the receipt.
  I thought it may have been accidentally thrown away.
The solution?

I thought of a plan.
I got our broom and lifted out one bag out at a time,
(using the broom handle and the loops on top of the bags)
then searched the contents of the bag
to see if it was indeed the trash from my apartment. 
how do you like those "longer-than-the-average-female-gorilla"-arms in action? ;)

We couldn't find a flashlight (with working batteries) so we used the camera flash to be able to see inside the trashcan.

Just like fishin'!

SUCCESS!!!..well, sorta..

After a few attempts
we were able to locate the correct trash!
...but the receipt wasn't in there...
(Christine had it back at her apartment all along. hahaha)

Overall, the evening was perfect
and of course I made a wish at 11:11 a.m. AND 11:11 p.m.
(for those of you who claim that 11:11 p.m. doesn't count i beg to differ :))

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