Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Not So 'Halloweeny'

I didn't dress up for Halloween this year.
not because i didn't have the chance to, 
but because i simply chose not to.

I was actually really excited about not dressing up.
I've always thought Halloween was overrated,
it's definitely one of my least favorite hollidays.
I continued with this anti-halloween excitement--
even as i attended, "Helamanoween."
(Helamanoween was an event I helped staff for work.
I was one of the people in charge--
so i could get away with not wearing a costume.)

So...what was the problem?
At one point i caught myself thinking of ideas
for a potential costume next year. . .
I had to stop myself!!! 
This can't be right. 
Do i?
I suppose maybe deep down, a part of me misses dressing up. . .
(let's face it, my spirit days outfits were always the best... ;))

I don't know at what point i started feeling sad that i didn't do anything Halloween-y.
Maybe it was while i was looking through facebook pictures of other's clever costumes?
(slutty ones not included.)
Or seeing the creativity of costumes at the Helaman dance?

I don't know, 
but i suppose i will have to make up for it
next year.

IN MY DEFENSE. i wasn't a total halloween dud.
Being FHE mom i was able to incorporate some Halloween-ish activities,
which were, well:
"tons and tons and tons of fun" ;)
[Thanks Dallin!]

I also got to do something i've been wanting to do for a while now! 
I put pintrest to the test! 
I actually DID something i found on pintrest!!! 
though, i don't know if my attempt was quite as successful as theirs was....

what did we do???

I decorated rolls of toilet paper like little ghosts. (like this):
[wrapping in seran wrap is optional. . .
i didn't want to waste precious toilet paper!
i am a college student after all. . . ]

Set them up like this:

and then using a pumpkin with holes cut in the side (like a bowling ball) 
we bowled at the little ghosts!! 
(it's hard to see...but it was like this):


 We are a happy family :)

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  1. hey Hannah! I just found your blog from your facebook post, woo!! I don't really like Halloween either, so I totally back you up... but pumpkin bowling looks pretty dang awesome! Coolest FHE mom ever? I think so.