Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Merriest Place on Earth

Before too much time passes I decided I better post 
about Disneyland.

Over break I had the privilege of going two different days. 
One day with just my sister Miriam,
and another day with my mom, Daniel and Miriam. 

It's crazy to think that the last time I was in Disneyland I was in 7th grade,
marching down Mainstreet with the Sullivan Celtics Marching Band!
(that trip was so much fun.)

I can't believe it's been that long!
(I have been to Disney World twice in the meantime, though
so i can't complain :)) 

It was especially fun to go now because they already had their Christmas decorations up 
and changed their tagline from "the happiest place on earth" to 
"the merriest place on earth." 
(a pretty hefty claim, if you ask me!)
But, I'd say it way pretty merry :)

Sadly, I don't have many pictures because a lot of them are on my mom's camera
so I'll have to add those later....

but here are a few:
Me and Mim...she looks like she is wearing Matterhorn as a hat ;)

I think this was taken after the Snow White ride . . . that ride has always scared me.

Right before Star Tours.

So...you know how everyone loves the Buzz Lightyear game/ride? Well....apparently it doesn't like me so much...(Daniel's score is the one on the left....the other is...well, mine. hahaha)

This is the new Toy Story game/ride [In California Adventure]. It is WAY more fun (than Buzz Lightyear)...maybe just because i am actually decent at it ;) I had to take this picture because I actually beat Miriam and I thought it wise to get some photo evidence :) ...Daniel creamed us both though. haha

Overheard at Disneyland:

[This first one I heard while I was waiting for the Aladdin show to start. [the show was fantastic by the way] The girls behind me were probably 12 or 13...DEFINITELY old enough to know better....]
 Girl 1: "What's our country again?"
Girl 2: "Sacramento." 
Mom : "Our country is USA, dear. The capitol of California is Sacramento."
 Girl 1: "ohhhhh ya. ....cuz when I was filling out that paper it asked for my address, so I put it, but then it asked for the country and I couldn't remember so I just left it blank! haha"

(a minute later)

Girl 1: "What coast do we live on again? East Coast? South Coast...?"
Mom: "East Coast, dear,"

[Next to the Tea Cups:]
Mom: "How about we do the tea cups?"
17(ish) year old son:  "NO."

[After Star Tours:]
Little girl: "Where did that spaceship take us, mommy?!
I want to go back to Disneyland!!!"

Spot the Mormons. 
This is a popular game I like to play whenever I'm, well...not it Utah. :) I used to play it all the time when i worked at In-N-Out...and at Costa Vida...and at the Hampton Inn...hahaha.
Okay okay, so I play this game a lot. 
  It's a personal fav :)

At Disneyland though,
it's hard to tell because you don't really talk to anyone, 
so instead it turned into
"Spot the families with BYU paraphanilia"

Monday (Mim counted, I was still in Utah): 15 (families)
Tuesday (Mim counted, I was still in Utah): 12 (families)
Wednesday: 10 (families) 
Friday: (13 families)

(obviously there were much more than that, but those are the ones we saw.) 

Overall, it was a fun trip! 
It was great to go to Disneyland, 
but really it was just great to hang out with my family!
(mock if you must, but I'm serious :))

Now i just have to get through the next 15 days...
...that doesn't seem so bad, does it?!

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