Thursday, November 24, 2011


This wonderful sign was made by the lovely Hadley. (Crooked hand-turkey courtesy of Madi :))

I was lucky enough to be able to come down to my Aunt's
in Southern California and spend this Thanksgiving day with lots of family! 

It's been great!
I'm already dreading going back to reality on Monday
(and back to my 12 page essay due on

Though there's lots to tell about the past few days...
I'll mainly just focus on today. 

First off. 
The Table.

Sarah "The Camera Loves Me" Jensen.
Mckay "I just want some Jello" Gordon.

Miriam "I'm going to hate this picture anyway" Flinders.

Campbell "Jazz Hands" Gordon.

Hadley "The Thinker" Gordon.

Madison "I'm not as innocent as I look" Gordon.
(bwahaha. she's gonna kill me for that one...)
And me: Hannah "I'm in love with that orange cup" Flinders.
There were some great times during dinner,
(is it still considered dinner if you eat at 2:30?)
including a spontaneous Justin Bieber performance:

(this one's my favorite)

Some delicious food:
and don't forget the centerpiece grandma made!! 

Is that a banana?!

Some particularly memorable conversations include:
--brainstorming and deciding on the nicknames you see above :)

-- "Are you going black shopping with us?"

and a crowd favorite:

"That roll-that roll-that roll!!....the dog licked it!!"

After the food settled, 
it was time

so many choices!!

It wasn't hard for me to decide though :) Pecan, Cream Cheese (a homemade cheesecake) and KEY LIME of course!!

 Overall, it was a great day! 

I'm thankful for family.
For good food.
For the opportunity I had to come spend this holiday with my family and extended family. 
I'm thankful for the gospel of Jesus Christ and the joy it brings into my life. 

And, I'm thankful for my camera so I was able to share these memories with all of you :)
(as well as preserve them for the future.) 

Happy Thanksgiving!!


  1. I'm guessing this was the "kids table" since I don't see any adults! How does it feel to be in college and still sit at the kids table? =) Wish we could've been there!

  2. ACTUALLY it was the "Cool table." It had all the coolest people...and it was outside. So it was cold. haha. Everyone else ate inside but our table was the most fun..obviously :) (i actually explained that, but for some reason when i posted this some of it got erased...that happened to me last time too..weird.)