Monday, January 16, 2012

Exploring: Under the JC!

On Sunday I was able to go to Hebrew U for a little bit
to upload pictures! 
So...if you have a second, 
look through some of my old posts
and check out the pics!! 

Since I wasn't able to stay very long
(with the internet in which I was allowed to upload pics)
I uploaded some and am just now going back to add the words later. you have it:

A few days ago
we had a special treat.

A tour of Jerusalem Center

It was pretty cool. 
Iran Hyatt
 (the director of the JC and the Jerusalem Study Abroad Program)
was our tour guide.

He's worked here here
....for a long time (around 20 years I believe)
so he knows LOTS of cool facts about the Jerusalem center
and how it came to be.

(He started in the security department
and then eventually became the head honcho!)

He's a great guy
and he's hilarious! 

Here's the back of Sterling's head as our group is going through the door that leads to under the center.
We were excited! 

There is a tradition for students to write their names on the walls/
pipes under the building.
I looked and looked 
for names of people I knew.

...until I found....

I decided it was only fitting
to sign next to Annie!! 

(...although I have to say I'm very curious as to why 
it says 
"George Bush"
at the bottom. 

Me in my cute hard hat
pointing at my name next to Ann's!

I looked and looked for the name
of my dear dear cousin Madi
who came last winter.

And believe me
I looked HARD!

I had to settle for the next best thing...
the name of Megan Brink,
Madi's  Jeru roommate that I hung out with a few times this past semester! 

While under the center Iran told us 
a crazy story
about how the only way they were able to 
remove the dirt on Mt. Scopus in order to build the center
was using a donkey
pulling load after load of dirt away.

Crazy huh?!
(The process took about a month.)

[We took a group picture after the tour
but it's on someone else's camera...
so when I get it from her I will add it here :)]

It was a good day! 

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