Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Forgot! More Sunday Evening Festivities

I just remembered I forgot to include part of my Sunday evening!

The Center here does something really cool:
Host free concerts for the public
every Sunday night
(and also some Thursday nights!).

They feature local musicians 
as well as performers from abroad.

What was Richard Elliot 
(organist of the world-famous Mormon Tabernacle Chior
--Good job Sis. Clark!)
doing in Jerusalem?! 
He was here in celebration of the BYU Jerusalem Center
(and consequently the beautiful organ we have here in the auditorium/chapel)
hitting it's 25 year mark! 

I was lucky enough 
to be an usher for this historical event!

I ushered with Amy (middle) and Loie (pronounced Loy).
They are so great!!
The concerts, as I said, are free
but you have to have a ticket
and usually the tickets are given out/claimed
weeks/months in advance!
You can try your luck in standby, but I wanted to be sure I could get in
so I volunteered to be an usher.
 It was fun ushering in people from all different backgrounds
and overhearing many different languages! 

The concert was great.
My favorite piece he played (by far!) was 
"Go Tell It On The Mountain"
which was apparently written so he could play it shortly after injuring his shoulder 
(or many he had surgery on it? ...i can't remember).
That does not mean it was an easy song, however,
  it had some CRAZY footwork going on!!!

Richard Elliot playing the organ. 
Taken in the auditorium. Those are the big windows in the front.
You can see Brother Elliot's reflection in the glass!
(The organ is in the back of the room...behind all of the chairs.)

It was really cool to see so many people from different backgrounds
come together
for an evening of fun 
and enjoy the talent that Brother Elliot has been blessed with.
He is truly a talented musician!!

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