Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Petra Pictures Post!

Sorry I have been so horrible at posting lately! 

I've just been SO busy, 
and having a GREAT time. 
I promise I will sometime catch you up 
on all  I've been up to the last week.
But, right now I'll just quickly tell you about today!!

We are currently on our first
fieldtrip to 

Since we are in a Hotel (a really nice one too!)
I have unlimited internet access in my room where I can upload PICTURES!!

So, I'm just going to tell you all about my day 
via the captions in my pictures :)

(of which you are only seeing a few...I took at least 100 today alone haha)


This is me with two of my roommates Alyssa (left) and Danielle (Right). The "Siq" is the long passage that you walk to to get to the treasury. (see picture below)

Me standing in front of the entrance to the Siq. The men behind are part of a reenactment thing they do sometimes..they were awesome!
(Danielle aka T-Bone :))

This is a small archway that gives us some clues as to how the Nabataeans were able to carve their master pieces. It was cool being able to see the work at different stages. (don't worry, it's about to get REALLY impressive in a minute!)

"WAIT! In Latin 'Jehovah' starts with an I!" For our friday night movie night we all watched Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, where Indiana sets out to find the Holy Grail. (There's a part where he jumps from letter to letter on those stone looking things.)

Finally! What we had all been waiting for! The Treasury at Petra!! (Where the holy grail is ACTUALLY located for anyone who was curious. haha)

Me and all of my Roommates in front of the Treasury!!!

And there were camels there!
...so of course I had to take a quick ride on one! I mean...it doesn't get much cooler than riding a camel in Petra!
I didn't realize how tall camels are!
Pretty sweet :)

We had some free time to explore so we decided to take the longest hike (I know, my family will be in shock that I actually CHOSE to do an OPTIONAL hike...) to the Monastery because it was supposedly "totally worth it in the end..."

Us at the beginning of the hike! The brochure said it was about 800 stairs up, but our tour guide said it was closer to 1,000!

 We saw donkeys (...or is that a mule?) on the way! (Notice the fact that I am not wearing as many layers!) Surprisingly, the hike actually wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. I was told it was like the hike to the Y, only longer and steeper...and I HATE the "Y" hike so I was fully expecting this hike to be the death of me. But I was pleasantly surprised to find it wasn't that bad! Yes, I was definitely tired at some parts, but it was quite nice! Even though many people that I talked to disagreed with me...I'd take this hike over the Y hike any day!

And in the end....it was DEFINITELY worth it.  (This is the Monastery.)

...Can you imagine carving THAT amazing structure directly into a rock face??

Me and two of my roomies taking in the beauty of Petra.

Danielle, me, alyssa, amanda.

One of the guys in the group bought a whip in the Old City a few days ago, so naturally he brought it to Petra :) It was fun giving it a swing....but I wasn't very good. haha.
On the way back we got to ride horses! (Just for like 5 minutes) but it was sweet!

This picture was taken while the horse was in motion...requiring a lot more skill than you would think. haha.

Overall, today was AMAZING. 
Petra is awesome!! 

But, now I need to get to sleep because I'm sure I'll have a busy day tomorrow!

Laila Tov!
(goodnight in Hebrew)

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